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Die for live. Iberian Wolf - Black T-Shirt

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The representation of the wolf in Iberian iconography, as a cult totemic animal, with strong roots in pastoral populations, related to myths and religious symbolism, represents ardor, heroism and warrior mysticism. Combat scenes between wolf and man are common, some symbolize death threat, lineage of power, protection in combat ... and the cult of the night, the path or initiation rite, in the passage to the afterlife, lupus as a guide in the afterlife ...

So recurrent in Iberian art, we find it in the sculptural ensembles of "El Pajarillo", in the Elche-Archena style ceramics, in the mints of the Iltirta and Iltiraka mint, in the "Copa del Carnassier", in the "Torso de Guerrero de la Alcudia"... and in the "Pátera de Perotito" where a young man, his hands are raised in a ritual position, is devoured by the wolf, merging with him, in his transit with the beyond ...

Because the wolf is also death, dying to live, dying to resurrect, when we are eaten we will renew our spirit, as a different being that is reborn as a new man. A journey of the initiate to the world of spirits, a descent to the bottom of the caverns, twinned with a wolf guide who will transfer us his great qualities...


Black Unisex T-shirt with front print, 100% ring spun cotton, great comfort and durability. All our garments are printed in high quality and designed by talented creatives and illustrators. 

It is not just another soulless and lifeless t-shirt. We stand behind every product we make, this together with our dedication and passion  to every detail, Culters' hallmark. Exclusive graphic compositions with character, philosophy and style.

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Semi-tight t-shirt with medium weight, comfortable and soft touch, Shoulder-to-shoulder neckband, Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves.
100% Ring Spun Cotton
The cotton that has been used is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. We use ecological inks that are not toxic, nor dangerous

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