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Sol Invictus, the invincible Solar God - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

February 27, 380, the emperor Theodosius abolished the religion and festival of the Sun Invictus by the famous edict of Thessalonica. Until then the Romans worshiped the Sun god during the Republic, and with greater prominence in the Imperial era, since the gradual entry of different religions of salvation of monotheistic tendency, such as Christianity and Mithrism, was giving greater weight to the power of the star king, the one who conquered the darkness ...

Emperor Aurelian made it official on December 25 as the day of the birth of the Undefeated Sun (the main divinity of the Roman pantheon at that time) back in the year 274 and later Juliano the Apostate would declare Helios (Greek equivalent) as the only divinity, and would try to prevent the spread of growing Christianity.

Finally, during a long process of syncretism, both the Festival of the Birth of the Invincible Sun "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" held after the Winter Solstice, when daylight increased, as well as many other acts and celebrations were gradually reconverted. Paganism would come to an end, a new stage would begin with a victorious sun reborn in the arms of a Galilean.

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Macabre Dance - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The irreverent and revolutionary Old skull, the spirit of fun. Skulls were used in the old traditions of satirical and ridiculous poems making social criticism and protest, dates 500 years ago. Also had been used in different plays like the ”Dance of Death” in the 14th century. People needed satire to help deal with the grim world (plagues and diseases) around them. But the symbol emerged in Mexico as a means of expression especially used with roguish and ironic tones against the nobles and powerful of the viceroy times. It is also used during the celebration of the day of the death.

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The Forest of Druids - Black Long Sleeve T-shirt

They were sorcerers and magicians who practiced sacrifices and rituals, philosophers and theologians who studied and taught the arts of the natural sciences. Their innumerable knowledge and valued advice made them essential in any society, town or kingdom, those wise men were the elite of the Celts and the link between deities and man. The sacred forest was his temple, the cosmos and the spirit his school, the plants and animals his inspiration to understand the relationship between the divine, humans and nature.

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The Lineage of the Free - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

"Only dead fish follow the stream of the river".

Swimming against the current is an odyssey in an open world where paradoxically there is more access to information but at the same time we are more controlled. Reflections of those dystopian universes — riddled with environmental disasters and cataclysms — from science fiction novels have come true. But there is still hope. There are spaces of freedom to ambush, where dissidents and freethinkers can react and rebel against the flashes of tyranny, censorship and dehumanization present in society. In some remote and lost place the Lineage of the free will always resist.

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Onna bugeisha: Samurai Women - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is our tribute to the fearsome and honorable lady samurai of Japan, Onna-Bugeisha.

Warriors like the courageous Empress Jingū who defied the social norms of her time, or the menacing and loyal Tomoe Gozen, who according to the 13th century poem the Song of Heike, was a reckless horsewoman to whom neither the bravest horse nor the most rugged land could intimidate, capable of, with her skillful handling of the sword and the arch, face a thousand fierce warriors; or the intrepid Nakato Takeko who instructed in the martial arts of the naginata, directed the famous independent female unit Joshitai and before being captured by her enemies, asked her sister to cut off her head, following the Seppuku ritual.

The image of the shirt is an adaptation of Tomoe Gozen portrayed by Kikuchi Yōsai.

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The Tenth Plague - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Many the biased lives, many the desolate lands and many their names under which the deadly and deadly lady with the scythe is camouflaged. Whether they are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, the black plagues or the fearsome pandemics that devastated humanity. It all starts with the dire omens that announce his coming, the sinister squawk of the crows and the dark songs of the owl, then the sepulchral darkness plunges us into a deep sleep from which we will not awaken. The Exodus tells us of the arrival of 10 plagues (מכות מצרים) that fell on Egypt, in the form of blood first staining its rivers; invaded by frogs, lice, flies and lobsters; like pests and diseases on humans and livestock, until plunging into blackness with the death of the firstborn. Will we be saved from the abyss?

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The Phoenician Adventure - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Those lively merchants from Syria who, guided by the stars and their magnificent boats, sailed the Mediterranean around 1000 BC until they reached the south of the Iberian Peninsula. They exchanged their products ... spices, oil and wine with the indigenous peoples in exchange for silver, among their most famous settlements is Gadir (current Cádiz) and one of their greatest legacy the alphabet

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Lovecraft 1890 - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

130 years ago, on August 20, 1890, a genius named Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born. Together with Edgar Alan Poe, he is considered one of the pioneers and great authors of the 20th century horror novel. He created an extremely detailed and lurid cosmic horror mythology called by his adherents as a Lovecraftian novel or short story. Many are the artists, authors, filmmakers and illustrators who have been inspired by his works (The Call of Cthulhu, In the mountains of madness, Ulthar's cats, The shadow over Innsmouth, The Dunwich horror ...) turning it into a whole cult. Misunderstood, eccentric, full of prejudices, undervalued in life, he is a genius who He has left us an incredible legacy that we are still playing with 130 years later. Lovecraft Country lives.

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Magic Mandrake of the Forest - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

After many centuries of poisonings, deaths, studies and people who have survived it, today we can explain the myths, legends that surround the superstitions about this ancient and strange plant with roots with a humanoid shape.

Its magical powers are due to its analgesic, healing, narcotic, aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effects, so it is not surprising that sorcerers, druids, alchemists and doctors used it.

Many are those who say that when it is plucked from the ground, its scream can drive you crazy to the point of death, it was mentioned in genesis as a fertility drug and in the Middle Ages it was believed that semen spilled on the ground after post ejaculation morten of those hanged made this plant grow, it was also said that Joan of Arc consumed it and that is where her mystical hallucinations came from and that she carried it behind her shield while kicking the ass of the English who would later burn her at the stake being this the same plant that would relieve her from the pain of the flames ... inspiring Shakespeare in several of his works such as Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra where it was used to alleviate love sickness.

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Ancestral Roots - Black T-Shirt Long Sleeve

It resurfaces through the purifying fire of the bonfires, when listening to the voice that runs through the waters and the breath crossed by the wind, that ancestral breath that knocks on our door, when the deep roots of the germinated earth embrace us, among the wet grass and wound that cries, and that dwells among the forests, there our lair that shelters us, the sanctuary that protects us and its ritual song that shakes us ...

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Tolkien Anniversary - Black T-Shirt Long Sleeve

To approach the Tolkien universe on the anniversary of his death is, in addition to remembering his life and his original work, to approach the myth, his ancestral conception, his values and his wisdom. To travel through Middle-earth with its dragons, hobbits, dwarves, elves, giants, wizards, ents, demons, skin-shifters, orcs, uruk-hais, nazguls, men... through its amazing landscapes, kingdoms and places, and to be left alone with the epic episodes and battles against the diabolic hosts of the dark lord Sauron would be to miss his spiritual teachings.

Through the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings or the Unfinished Stories we can learn from the magical and ancestral wisdom of the great wizards or sacred sages, observe and teach us against corruption, degeneration, weakness, envy, the mastery and ambition that will lead to a scenario of struggle between good and evil, as well as contemplating with hope the incarnation, love, friendship and dedication of archetypal characters with heroic vocation such as Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo or Aragorn who will give us life lessons.

[Interpretation of Tolkien's original drawing]

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