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Indians Go Beard - Black T-Shirt

If you are a warrior and you don't have a beard, have it looked at... Let's take a look at history: Leonidas looked impressive with his 300 men…but his bushy beard was equally scary, Ciro and Jerges combed their incredible long beards, while Attila the Hun, whore a very thin but fine beard, in the Ancient Mesopotamia they even wore ringlets on theirs beards!! Let's remember the white beards of the Samurai masters, and the presumptuous Vikings who placed their razor blades in their tombs, what about the gods of Ancient Greece, Zeus or Poseidon...? and then came Alexander the Great and he screwed up by forbidding his soldiers to wear them because in battle their enemies caught them by making them fall off their horses. Neither did the Romans, because they gave them to the gods in their ritual (depositio barbae) of their passage from childhood to adulthood, or the native Indians who shaved like maniacs, and what about the pharaohs who manscaped their balls but wore false beards?? Well, in spite of these and other exceptions, the beard has its own twist and turns and brings out the warrior that exist in each of everyone of us.

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