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Ego te absorbe - Black Hoodie

Fateful times we have had to live, a great darkness hangs over the spirit. In the midnight of the world the fight against the dragon is waiting for you. Arm yourself with strength and wisdom for the inner conquest, remember that the ego absorbs you, its tyranny controls you, do not back down, it is your heroic moment, the most vital and important in your life ...

[Sophia Perennis Collection]

Price €49.58

Ride the tiger - Black Hoodie

There was a remote time when the gods walked among men, a mythical era that ended up being corrupted until the dark age took over everything ... according to the old Hindu scriptures, the last avatar will come to free us from kaliyuga, the era without dharma ...

Faced with the blind faith in the end-time messiah and the isolated physical and spiritual retreat in a crystal palace, a path of the left hand arises within this entropy, an active spiritual and warrior path, where the tiger can ride, avoiding being eaten while waiting for fatigue to run...

The wisdom tradition invites you to radically immerse yourself in life, in your life, assume it, accept it, confront it, become aware, forge yourself and learn from it, without fear, enter its multiple scenarios, integrate all those disparate and opposing experiences, that burn in your interior, teachings that help you to be your own avatar, the light in the darkness... an invitation to admire the greatness, splendor and magic that surround your own existence, to live in truth and freedom, that makes you transcend by overcoming your own difficulties and miseries.

Tibetan Buddhism brings us closer to the god Mahakala, an internal, compassionate warrior, the protector of the dharma, the secret doctrines, the wisdom and the lineage, that ancient demon whose head adorns with his five poisons or klesahas that he transmuted into five wisdoms, an angry and wrathful divinity capable of bringing light into darkness, as a symbol of struggle that awakens pure energy and unyielding strength to overcome and dissolve the obstacles and negativities that impede the spiritual path.

Price €54.54

Celtiberia. Land of warriors - Black Hoodie

The fierce resistance against the invader of the pre-Roman peoples comes from afar. In the peninsula, the process concluded with the Cantabrian wars (19 BC), where in a bloody war the Romans fought against the Celtic peoples of the North (the Asturian and Cantabrian tribes). Iberia was the scene of wars of occupation, subjugation, strategic alliances, cultural assimilation, interests and betrayals from Carthage -Sagunto- and subsequent rebellions, in the development of Romanization, such as the ilergetes and Iberians (submitted in 190 BC), the resistance Turdetanas, Celtíberas or Lusitanas with Viriato at the head ...

These Celtic or Proto-Celtic peoples (Galaicos, Cantabrians, Astures, Belos, Titos and Pelendones, Arévacos, Vacceos, Celtíberos, Vettones, Carpetanos, Lusitanos) who, from the end of the Bronze Age and throughout the Iron Age, shared the culture of the Urn Fields - use of iron for weapons and cremation of their dead -, beliefs, gods, cults, magic, forests, devotion to ritual warfare and duels, resisted - fighting and defending in its fortified Castros - until the Roman Empire put an end to the Spanish Celtic or Celtiberia by destroying the last Celtiberian bastion (Numancia).

Price €49.58

Celtiberian wolf devouring the sun - Black Hoodie

The image comes from the bronze Celtiberian hospitality Tsera in the shape of a wolf in zenith perspective that appeared in Burgos, related to a Celtic myth of the end of the world, known as the myth of the “Wolf that devours the Sun”.

The representation of the wolf in Iberian iconography, as a cult totemic animal, with strong roots in pastoral populations, related to myths and religious symbolism, represents ardor, heroism and warrior mysticism. Combat scenes between wolf and man are common, some symbolize death threat, lineage of power, protection in combat ... and the cult of the night, the path or initiation rite, in the passage to the afterlife, lupus as a guide in the afterlife ...

So recurrent in Iberian art, we find it in the sculptural ensembles of "El Pajarillo", in the Elche-Archena style ceramics, in the mints of the Iltirta and Iltiraka mint, in the "Copa del Carnassier", in the "Torso de Guerrero de la Alcudia"... and in the "Pátera de Perotito" where a young man, his hands are raised in a ritual position, is devoured by the wolf, merging with him, in his transit with the beyond ...

Because the wolf is also death, dying to live, dying to resurrect, when we are eaten we will renew our spirit, as a different being that is reborn as a new man. A journey of the initiate to the world of spirits, a descent to the bottom of the caverns, twinned with a wolf guide who will transfer us his great qualities...

Price €49.58

Cult Member - Black Hoodie

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even dead may die" 

H. P. Lovecraft, poet, essayist, author, an appreciated and misunderstood genius of the cosmic horror novel. Pagan and creator of blasphemous stories of the wonderful and the ridiculous, his oniric dreams have drawn the worst of our nightmares and inspired in the form of worship the curious and daring who have come to read his chilling and delicious work full of outer beings, ancient gods and ancestral monsters ... Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarathotep, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth .... As our friend said so well ... The oldest and strongest emotion of humankind is fear, and the most oldest and strongest kind of fears is fear of the unknown »

Price €49.58

Samhain: The gate to the other World - Black Hoodie

A door opens, it is time to communicate with the world of the dead. Everything is prepared for the magic rite, the bonfires are lit, the skulls are decorated, the spirits are rolled, together with the druid we prepare for the ritual night of Halloween, the Celtic Samhain awaits us. Worship of fallen ancestors and protection against the evil dead. The common and varied pagan belief in the whole world, fallen darkness, ancient traditions, Holy Companies, lemurs and manes, Jack o'lantern, pumpkins and masquerades ... it is All Hallows' Eve , Halloween has begun, waiting to be guided in this life towards the immortal...

Price €49.58

Army of Flandes - The Course of the old Thirsman - Black Hoodie

"He was not the most honest or the most pious man, but he was a brave man" P. Reverte.

If you lived dangerously and your life was hanging by a thread, if you defied authority, defending your reason and rights with the proud point of your sword, if you sacrificed yourself and were generous and human, if you were fearless, reckless, arrogant, brave, adventurous, seductive, rogue, loyal, if you were capable of the most heroic but also the meanest actions, if you were guided by your code of honour, if you sought glory on the margins of society and the law, if you lost your innocence in the face of the harsh reality of mud and blood, and if, disenchanted, everyone abandoned you. .. then you were probably an Old Thirdsman, a tired hero in rusty armour, a forgotten anti-hero like a cursed Alatriste.

Price €49.58

Ancestral Call - Black Hoodie

It resurfaces through the purifying fire of the bonfires, when listening to the voice that runs through the waters and the breath crossed by the wind, that ancestral breath that knocks on our door, when the deep roots of the germinated earth embrace us, among the wet grass and wound that cries, and that dwells among the forests, there our lair that shelters us, the sanctuary that protects us and its ritual song that shakes us ...

Price €49.58

UNS KELTEKIAO - White Hoodie

The image corresponds to a staff found in Numancia, a symbol of distinction, centrality and duality represented by a rider who, on the back of two horses with concentric circles (the sun in its nocturnal journey), carries severed heads.

Horses are very present in Iberia both in grazing and hunting for their strength and endurance, as in offerings to the god of war Cosus to take over their equine virtues or in sacrifices for warriors to take them on their travels. to the underworld.

In the Celtiberian world the initiation rite of cutting off the enemy's heads was practiced because they believed that it was where the soul resided, the vital essence of the person who survived when he died and transmitted his qualities to them, in addition to immortality.

As for the signs deciphered and translated to "UNS KELTEKIAO" they refer to an inscription that appeared on a ceramic vase from Liria, which they have interpreted as "Celtic Union".

Price €54.54

Magic Mandrake of the Forest - White Hoodie

After many centuries of poisonings, deaths, studies and people who have survived it, today we can explain the myths, legends that surround the superstitions about this ancient and strange plant with roots with a humanoid shape.

Its magical powers are due to its analgesic, healing, narcotic, aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effects, so it is not surprising that sorcerers, druids, alchemists and doctors used it.

Many are those who say that when it is plucked from the ground, its scream can drive you crazy to the point of death, it was mentioned in genesis as a fertility drug and in the Middle Ages it was believed that semen spilled on the ground after post ejaculation morten of those hanged made this plant grow, it was also said that Joan of Arc consumed it and that is where her mystical hallucinations came from and that she carried it behind her shield while kicking the ass of the English who would later burn her at the stake being this the same plant that would relieve her from the pain of the flames ... inspiring Shakespeare in several of his works such as Romeo and Juliet and Antony and Cleopatra where it was used to alleviate love sickness.

Price €54.54

Buried Alive - White Hoodie

You can not breathing
You can not run
You can't run away
The bell won't save you ...

A bespoke pine suit
Grand Duke without a sleeping pulse,
Closed the box and the crypt
Escape with your keys you will not be able
Fogged glass
Who will see you

Gelineau syndrome
Narcolepsy Excess
In a deep sleep you will fall
Flowers on your grave
No spiders nails you scream and bang
To a coffin that no one will hear ...

Pests, epidemics, cholera
Taphophobia won't help you
Two meters underground
Narrow grave
Sealed stone slab
In a matter of hours you'll suffocate

Premature burial
Fear of the dark
Deathly silence...
Buried alive you are

Price €54.54

Pagan Culters - White Hoodie

Where men dwell, the divine also dwell ...

The gods, myths and cults die when a dark age takes over men and condemns them to walk desolate ... however, not everything is lost ... it beats tirelessly in your gallop until restoring in your wild heart the old gods - those with whom our ancestors lived in their natural world —... Loves nature, and cries like the wind and the lightning for the resurgence of the sacred breath until the beautiful pagan melodies that ran through those forgotten universes are resurrected…

Price €54.54

The Skull and the Moon - White Hoodie

The Old Skull present in our logo, symbolizes the echoes from the past: the bones, the gravestones and the wounded land that speak to us and tell us ancient stories, some of them stunning and beautiful but others forged with iron & blood. Used also in the old traditions of satirical and ridiculous poems making social criticism and protest. And the second mark of our brand identity, the New Moon, the mysterious female powers of the great goddess mother during the harvest, that means —in old Celtics beliefs— a opportunity to start over, a new beginning after death —after the full moon—.

Price €54.54

Viking Anatomy - White Hoodie

Not everyone who wanders is lost... It could symbolize a compass or the Vegvísir of the giants of the North, but the truth is that it is the adaptation of Da Vinci's Vitruvian man to bring us closer to the Viking anatomy. Clichés aside, were they muscular, tall, blond and blue-eyed, tattooed, with a beard and a big hair that you shit on? Well, yes, with nuances. As for the Scandinavian touch, it must be said that there was also ethnic diversity due to the migrations and abductions around Europe, their strength was that of the multi-faceted farmers who so soon fought, fished or farmed. They were fearful because of their height, the axes, the looting and those "little details" that we have been told about. It must be said that they were no more terrifying and violent than other people or civilizations of the time.

Price €54.54

Buried Alive - Black Hoodie

You can't breathe
You can't run
You can't get away
The bell will not save you...


A custom-made pine suit
Grand Duke without pulse asleep,
The box and the crypt are closed
You can't escape with your keys
And with fogged glass
Who will see you?


Gelineau Syndrome
Excess Narcolepsy
In a deep sleep you will fall
Flowers on your grave
No spider nails, you scream and bang
To a coffin they won't listen to


Pests, epidemics and cholera
taphephobia does not help you
Two metres below ground
Tight burial
Sealed stone slab
In a matter of hours your choking


Premature funeral
Fear of the dark
Sepulchral silence...
Buried alive you are

Price €54.54

Tolkien Anniversary - Black Hoodie

To approach the Tolkien universe on the anniversary of his death is, in addition to remembering his life and his original work, to approach the myth, his ancestral conception, his values and his wisdom. To travel through Middle-earth with its dragons, hobbits, dwarves, elves, giants, wizards, ents, demons, skin-shifters, orcs, uruk-hais, nazguls, men... through its amazing landscapes, kingdoms and places, and to be left alone with the epic episodes and battles against the diabolic hosts of the dark lord Sauron would be to miss his spiritual teachings.

Through the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings or the Unfinished Stories we can learn from the magical and ancestral wisdom of the great wizards or sacred sages, observe and teach us against corruption, degeneration, weakness, envy, the mastery and ambition that will lead to a scenario of struggle between good and evil, as well as contemplating with hope the incarnation, love, friendship and dedication of archetypal characters with heroic vocation such as Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo or Aragorn who will give us life lessons.

[Interpretation of Tolkien's original drawing]

Price €54.54

Onna bugeisha: Samurai Women - Black Hoodie

This is our tribute to the fearsome and honorable lady samurai of Japan, Onna-Bugeisha.

Warriors like the courageous Empress Jingū who defied the social norms of her time, or the menacing and loyal Tomoe Gozen, who according to the 13th century poem the Song of Heike, was a reckless horsewoman to whom neither the bravest horse nor the most rugged land could intimidate, capable of, with her skillful handling of the sword and the arch, face a thousand fierce warriors; or the intrepid Nakato Takeko who instructed in the martial arts of the naginata, directed the famous independent female unit Joshitai and before being captured by her enemies, asked her sister to cut off her head, following the Seppuku ritual.

The image of the shirt is an adaptation of Tomoe Gozen portrayed by Kikuchi Yōsai.

Price €54.54

The Phoenician Adventure - Black Hoodie

Those lively merchants from Syria who, guided by the stars and their magnificent boats, sailed the Mediterranean around 1000 BC until they reached the south of the Iberian Peninsula. They exchanged their products ... spices, oil and wine with the indigenous peoples in exchange for silver, among their most famous settlements is Gadir (current Cádiz) and one of their greatest legacy the alphabet

Price €54.54

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