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The Phoenician Adventure - Black T-Shirt

Those lively merchants from Syria who, guided by the stars and their magnificent boats, sailed the Mediterranean around 1000 BC until they reached the south of the Iberian Peninsula. They exchanged their products ... spices, oil and wine with the indigenous peoples in exchange for silver, among their most famous settlements is Gadir (current Cádiz) and one of their greatest legacy the alphabet

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Cult Member - Black T-Shirt

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even dead may die" 

H. P. Lovecraft, poet, essayist, author, an appreciated and misunderstood genius of the cosmic horror novel. Pagan and creator of blasphemous stories of the wonderful and the ridiculous, his oniric dreams have drawn the worst of our nightmares and inspired in the form of worship the curious and daring who have come to read his chilling and delicious work full of outer beings, ancient gods and ancestral monsters ... Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Nyarathotep, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth .... As our friend said so well ... The oldest and strongest emotion of humankind is fear, and the most oldest and strongest kind of fears is fear of the unknown »

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Untamed Iberians - Black T-Shirt

The first warriors of the Iberian Peninsula were fierce and faithful Iberians who defended with their death their warlords. They were expert riders who carried bows, arrows and the feared Falcata that they used until the end of the battle. Just like the men, the women, in addition to devoting themselves to cattle and cultivation, also participated in the warrior life and in the Assembly where the important decisions of the tribal states were taken. Dedicated to the cult of female deities (symbol of creation & fertility), they also offered rites to the Sun and the Moon. In their temples, adorned with sculptures of sacred wolves —representing the warrior ardour, the cult of the night, the guide in the beyond— magical ceremonies were celebrated by priestesses such as the famous Lady of Elche.

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Sol Invictus, the invincible Solar God - Black T-shirt

February 27, 380, the emperor Theodosius abolished the religion and festival of the Sun Invictus by the famous edict of Thessalonica. Until then the Romans worshiped the Sun god during the Republic, and with greater prominence in the Imperial era, since the gradual entry of different religions of salvation of monotheistic tendency, such as Christianity and Mithrism, was giving greater weight to the power of the star king, the one who conquered the darkness ...

Emperor Aurelian made it official on December 25 as the day of the birth of the Undefeated Sun (the main divinity of the Roman pantheon at that time) back in the year 274 and later Juliano the Apostate would declare Helios (Greek equivalent) as the only divinity, and would try to prevent the spread of growing Christianity.

Finally, during a long process of syncretism, both the Festival of the Birth of the Invincible Sun "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" held after the Winter Solstice, when daylight increased, as well as many other acts and celebrations were gradually reconverted. Paganism would come to an end, a new stage would begin with a victorious sun reborn in the arms of a Galilean.

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Army of Flandes - The Course of the old Thirsman - White T-Shirt

"He was not the most honest or the most pious man, but he was a brave man" P. Reverte.

If you lived dangerously and your life was hanging by a thread, if you defied authority, defending your reason and rights with the proud point of your sword, if you sacrificed yourself and were generous and human, if you were fearless, reckless, arrogant, brave, adventurous, seductive, rogue, loyal, if you were capable of the most heroic but also the meanest actions, if you were guided by your code of honour, if you sought glory on the margins of society and the law, if you lost your innocence in the face of the harsh reality of mud and blood, and if, disenchanted, everyone abandoned you. .. then you were probably an Old Thirdsman, a tired hero in rusty armour, a forgotten anti-hero like a cursed Alatriste.

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The Queen from Beyond - Black T-shirt

Isis, queen of all gods, the great mother who gave birth to Horus (father of Egyptian civilization), the queen of the beyond, goddess of the stars, the lunar goddess, the great magician who managed to resurrect her husband and brother the god Osiris. Many are the names by which it is known, Christians came to equate with Mary, mother of Jesus. In any case, the immortal Isis was the most important in the pantheon of Ancient Egypt and spread its wings throughout Europe, spreading fervently through Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

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Tolkien Anniversary - Black Heather T-Shirt

To approach the Tolkien universe on the anniversary of his death is, in addition to remembering his life and his original work, to approach the myth, his ancestral conception, his values and his wisdom. To travel through Middle-earth with its dragons, hobbits, dwarves, elves, giants, wizards, ents, demons, skin-shifters, orcs, uruk-hais, nazguls, men... through its amazing landscapes, kingdoms and places, and to be left alone with the epic episodes and battles against the diabolic hosts of the dark lord Sauron would be to miss his spiritual teachings.

Through the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings or the Unfinished Stories we can learn from the magical and ancestral wisdom of the great wizards or sacred sages, observe and teach us against corruption, degeneration, weakness, envy, the mastery and ambition that will lead to a scenario of struggle between good and evil, as well as contemplating with hope the incarnation, love, friendship and dedication of archetypal characters with heroic vocation such as Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo or Aragorn who will give us life lessons.

[Interpretation of Tolkien's original drawing]

Price €24.79

Knights of Steel : Landsknecht - Black T-Shirt

Ostentatious, fearless, brave and courageous warriors, so fearful that even the very devil closed the gates of hell because he was afraid of them... These knights of steel or servants of the land were the warrior elites of the Renaissance, recognizable by their striking features, colorful and extravagant clothing (until then reserved for the clergy and nobility, as they were exempted from the rules of the state and the sanctuary laws) their actions were recorded in legendary battles such as Pavia, San Quintín, the siege of Vienna, or the sack of Rome.

In a period, at the end of the 15th century, in which feudalism was dying —with it the caste system that determined by birth the roles in life— and the art of war was changing, the peasants, craftsmen or servants had the possibility to become by their own merits pikemen, arquebusiers or swordsmen within the new mercenary armies of the emperor. Without a noble title, lineage and ancestry, the Lansquenets were able to become highly paid land soldiers thanks to their impeccable combat technique, their high risk in the battlefield that made their lives "so short and brutal" (Maximilian I).

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Aur, Aur!! Almogavar Revenge - Black T-shirt

Aur Aur !! Wake up Ferro !! his battle cry. The Almogávares were mercenary soldiers, rude, reckless, defiant and fierce, the best infantry of the time they say, coming from the Pyrenean mountains that declared war on the most powerful Empire of the time, the Byzantine Empire. And the fact is that the emperor, despite the valuable aid received to bring the Turks under control, did not hesitate to betray these brave Catalans and Aragonese, assassinating their leader Roger de Flor. Revenge was immediate and this company of wounded guerrillas razed, burned and burned various cities, and seized the duchies of Athens and Neopatria (1337). His terrible vendetta - we do not want to imagine the fate of those who came across the action and anger of this strike force, so experienced since the time of the reconquest and already so showering in the handling of its fearful colltell, that mixture of brutal dagger and enormous butcher knife - has been left to posterity as "Catalan revenge."

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The Templar Persecution - Black T-Shirt

Among legends of Holy Places and Holy Grails, and stories of terrible massacres and Holy Crusades, appears the almost mythical figure of the Templar warrior, those knights emerged in the SXII to protect and defend pilgrims in Jerusalem. Famed for their courage in combat, their vows of chastity, obedience and poverty, in their territories the "droit de seigneur" was not allowed, they promoted art, architecture, cultural and scientific exchange with their Arab neighbors in the Holy Land. An economic and military power that confronted them with the very king of France, was the beginning of their persecution and death at the stake at the hands of the Inquisition. Accused of blasphemy, heresy and sodomy, a halo of mystery still looms today on one of the most powerful secret societies.

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Ancestral Goths - Black T-Shirt

Adventurers, warriors, survivors, barbarians, nomads and plunderers, the epic Goths crossed half the world, living mythical episodes. Related with the Nordic universe, they worshiped the kingdom of Asgard, their eagles and crows that whispered to Odin the thought and memory of the mortals, guide them from the legendary corners of Scandinavia, crossing the Balkans towards the West. They saw the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of the Muslim, and built a new powerful hispanic state where they coexisted with the three cultures.

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Onna bugeisha: Samurai Women - White T-Shirt

This is our tribute to the fearsome and honorable lady samurai of Japan, Onna-Bugeisha.

Warriors like the courageous Empress Jingū who defied the social norms of her time, or the menacing and loyal Tomoe Gozen, who according to the 13th century poem the Song of Heike, was a reckless horsewoman to whom neither the bravest horse nor the most rugged land could intimidate, capable of, with her skillful handling of the sword and the arch, face a thousand fierce warriors; or the intrepid Nakato Takeko who instructed in the martial arts of the naginata, directed the famous independent female unit Joshitai and before being captured by her enemies, asked her sister to cut off her head, following the Seppuku ritual.

The image of the shirt is an adaptation of Tomoe Gozen portrayed by Kikuchi Yōsai.

Price €21.48

Samhain: The gate to the other World - Black heather T-shirt

A door opens, it is time to communicate with the world of the dead. Everything is prepared for the magic rite, the bonfires are lit, the skulls are decorated, the spirits are rolled, together with the druid we prepare for the ritual night of Halloween, the Celtic Samhain awaits us. Worship of fallen ancestors and protection against the evil dead. The common and varied pagan belief in the whole world, fallen darkness, ancient traditions, Holy Companies, lemurs and manes, Jack o'lantern, pumpkins and masquerades ... it is All Hallows' Eve , Halloween has begun, waiting to be guided in this life towards the immortal...

Price €21.48

Mithras, the one from the East - Black T-shirt

An ancient Persian myth told us of the coming of an envoy from the Sun, Mithras, who, dressed with Phrygian, torch and dagger, will be worshiped by shepherds, and in a primordial cave he will redeem men through the sacrifice of a primeval bull. According to legend after being captured, he will carry it on his shoulders and kill him. The new world will be reborn after its ascension to heaven together with its resurrected dead beyond the stars ...

As often happens, the myth was lost in time until Rome rescued it back in the 1st century BC. assimilating him to the God Invictus, where after the Saturnalia every December 25, Mitra would be reborn victorious "natalis solis invicti" (death, resurrection and growth of the crops).

Price €21.48

Blas de Lezo - Black T-Shirt

Would you bet on a maimed, lame and one-eyed man to face the "Perfidious Albion"? In view of the outcome, it would be stupid to say no ... Our half-man is called Blas de Lezo and he is remembered for having shaken the English by directing the defense of Cartagena de Indias during the British siege in 1741, where with just 6 ships managed to heroically resist the attack of 195 ships during the bloody battle.

This intrepid Gipuzkoan at only 17 years old would lose his leg with a cannon shot in the hard battle of Vélez-Málaga in 1704, at two years old a splinter from another cannon shot would blow his left eye off. Some time later, with 26 compliments, during the War of the Succession he would be left maimed by a bullet. Since then, the nickname of Almirante Palpalo would always accompany him. He had already become a legend, but it would be as commanding general in Colombia that he would go down in the annals of history as one of the best strategists in the Spanish Navy for his extraordinary feat and glorious victory against the humiliated Englishmen of Admiral Edward Vernon in Cartagena de Indias.

[T-shirt proposed by Joaquín Lista de Pando]

[Information about Customized Shirts]

Price €33.05

Outlaws of the Sea - Black T-Shirt

Daredevils, robbers and adventurers of the sea... «The worst enemies of the human race» or «The bravest defenders of freedom»? Terrible looters of nabios, corsairs, buccaneers and filibusters, commonly known as pirates, whose greatest splendor took place during the golden age of piracy (between the XVII and XVIII centuries) on the Caribbean coast, which under the Jolly Roger flag faced the great European empires for the dominion of the sea and the looting of the booty.

Dead men tell no tales!!!

Price €21.48

The Lineage of the Free I - Black T-Shirt

"Only dead fish follow the stream of the river".

Swimming against the current is an odyssey in an open world where paradoxically there is more access to information but at the same time we are more controlled. Reflections of those dystopian universes — riddled with environmental disasters and cataclysms — from science fiction novels have come true. But there is still hope. There are spaces of freedom to ambush, where dissidents and freethinkers can react and rebel against the flashes of tyranny, censorship and dehumanization present in society. In some remote and lost place the Lineage of the free will always resist.

Price €21.48


runa-1.jpg Sustainability: Made of 100% ring spun good quality soft cotton. Sustainably grown and ethically harvested. 

runa-2.jpg Durability: The fabric is soft and resistant, it doesn't fade shrink as long as the washing instructions are heeded.

runa-3.jpg Eco Friendly: The coloring materials are ecological, certified and safe. They are not a risk to human health.

runa-4.jpg Creativity: The designs are unique. Made by hand by recognized illustrators and digitized with the best techniques to achieve a high quality finish.

csr Genuine Responsibility: Caring for people, Conserving the environment and Creating stronger communities.

csr Transversality: Knowledge, respect and Integration of all the World Ancestral Cultures.


Get up with the sun, with the beats of nature; open your heart and soul to the Great spirit; feed on the ancestral wisdom, take care of your mother, your land and enjoy the trip but do not leave traces...

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