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The crazy history of the world

The crazy history of the world

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Funerary Fest. See you on the other side!! - Black T-Shirt

For Osiris and for Apis !!! Tickets for the Funeraryfest in ancient Egypt are now on sale! They say that it was some Martians who laid the first stone of the Festi. Be that as it may, you are going to enjoy arid views full of spectacular sphinxes, dung beetles, cursed sarcophagi and nice mummies contaminated with deadly fungi and toxic mold along the 6,650 km that bathe the Nile. Do not forget sunscreen and a repellent for the crocodiles because even Horus and Anubis themselves were savagely attacked. You can bring pets, preferably cats, if you do not want to suffer the wrath of the gods and pharaohs. In addition there are mythological pyrotechnics and guaranteed killer downloads. At the end of the event do not forget to sign in the book of the dead.

Price €21.48

Bloody Holydays. Crusader's Fest - Black T-Shirt

Travel to the Holy places at the best prices!! Take advantage of this incredible offer only valid until the end of the Crusade. Recommended for Bloodthirsty Knights. And as a gift, the indispensable sacred Survival Kit: Oakeshott sword type S.XII suitable for cutting and stabbing, a replica of the Holy Grail to sanctify your soul, a great Helm made of high quality, strong and resistant black leather, plaster and 100 rolls of toilet paper. And also guided tours of the most emblematic castles and fortresses. For a more sustainable tourism. Do not miss this opportunity, your dream Holyolidays. Cheer up, God will reward you!!!

Price €21.48

Meatlove. Viking Fest - Black T-Shirt

The Great Gastronomic Festival of the Northern Lands is already announced. Menu of the day: Butcher shop, farmhouse, spines, needles, blood sausages, neck, gizzards, feet, trotters, brains, snout, guts, broths, eyes, ears, livers, kidneys, tongues ... succulent and popular Nordic dishes to consume during the summer solstice. Sharpen your ax and come to enjoy this awaited Viking event. Gobble and devour these delicacies with the authentic house beer. What a sausage Fest!!! A Delicatessen!!! Skol!!!

Price €21.48

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