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II. Antidote to the Modern World - Black T-Shirt


"God is in the center, all roads lead to Him."

"Tradition is not a childish and outmoded mythology but a science that is terribly real"

The thinker, philosopher and poet Frithjof Schuon, promoter of the Sophia Perennis —influenced by the work of René Guenón—, and philosopher of the metaphysical current of Shankara and Plato, scholar of Christianity, Islam and Sufism, advocated the "Unity Transcendent of Religions" (above the devotional, totemic, animist, shamanic, telluric or lunar religions of a matrix nature where the possibility of Awakening to the Supersensible Reality or to the Supreme Principle that is found at the origin of the Cosmos is not conceived) as an antidote to modern nihilism.

Tradition, understanding this not as folklore or customs but as a reflection on the physical plane of the Transcendent reality, as a bridge between heaven and earth. Thus, man is not shielded before transcendence, he can come to see the light and update that transcendent seed within himself. An initiatory path of the hero to update the spirit that we carry in potential to conquer eternity, transmuting us into unconditioned sacred warriors of the world of becoming.

Let us think of Rome and its solar spirituality, of the Greek Dorians of Apollonian worship, that lineage that founded Sparta, of the Celtiberians with their warrior brotherhoods and the mors triunphalis, of the ascetic warrior cavalry of the High Middle Ages, of the Arthurian cycle, the Temple , the Holy Roman Empire, Taoism, Tantrism, the Vedas, the samurai and Zen Buddhism… where Tradition was very much alive…

That traditional world that also considered that the forces of nature were alive, they had a soul. Nature and the universe was someone. There was a sacral interpretation of virgin nature. From the Plains Indians —Schuon "saw something of the nobility and majesty of the Primordial tradition"—, the Celts, the Slavs, the Germans, classical Greece or ancient China.

Thus, there are clues in the world of Tradition to enliven the Sophia Perennis and face the darkness of the modern world or kali-yuga. The world of Tradition as an antidote to the Modern world.


Black Unisex T-shirt with frontal print, 100% ring spun cotton, great comfort and durability. All our garments are printed in high quality and designed by talented creatives and illustrators. 

It is not just another soulless and lifeless t-shirt. We stand behind every product we make, this together with our dedication and passion  to every detail, Culters' hallmark. Exclusive graphic compositions with character, philosophy and style.

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Semi-tight t-shirt with medium weight, comfortable and soft touch, Shoulder-to-shoulder neckband, Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves.
100% Ring Spun Cotton
The cotton that has been used is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. We use ecological inks that are not toxic, nor dangerous

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