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Kali Yuga II - Black T-Shirt


There was a remote time when the gods walked among men, a mythical era that ended up being corrupted until the dark age took over everything ... according to the old Hindu scriptures, the last avatar will come to free us from kaliyuga, the era without dharma ...

Faced with the blind faith in the end-time messiah and the isolated physical and spiritual retreat in a crystal palace, a path of the left hand arises within this entropy, an active spiritual and warrior path, where the tiger can ride, avoiding being eaten while waiting for fatigue to run...

The wisdom tradition invites you to radically immerse yourself in life, in your life, assume it, accept it, confront it, become aware, forge yourself and learn from it, without fear, enter its multiple scenarios, integrate all those disparate and opposing experiences, that burn in your interior, teachings that help you to be your own avatar, the light in the darkness... an invitation to admire the greatness, splendor and magic that surround your own existence, to live in truth and freedom, that makes you transcend by overcoming your own difficulties and miseries.

Tibetan Buddhism brings us closer to the god Mahakala, an internal, compassionate warrior, the protector of the dharma, the secret doctrines, the wisdom and the lineage, that ancient demon whose head adorns with his five poisons or klesahas that he transmuted into five wisdoms, an angry and wrathful divinity capable of bringing light into darkness, as a symbol of struggle that awakens pure energy and unyielding strength to overcome and dissolve the obstacles and negativities that impede the spiritual path.


Black Unisex T-shirt with frontal print, 100% ring spun cotton, great comfort and durability. All our garments are printed in high quality and designed by talented creatives and illustrators. 

It is not just another soulless and lifeless t-shirt. We stand behind every product we make, this together with our dedication and passion  to every detail, Culters' hallmark. Exclusive graphic compositions with character, philosophy and style.

Data sheet

Semi-tight t-shirt with medium weight, comfortable and soft touch, Shoulder-to-shoulder neckband, Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves.
100% Ring Spun Cotton
The cotton that has been used is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. We use ecological inks that are not toxic, nor dangerous

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