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Viada. El Camino del Guerrero (Digital Version)


The viada according to the RAE is the violent departure or departure of a person or an animal. It is also defined as the start-up or starting of an engine. With various meanings in disuse such as an attack or the defeat of enemy troops.

Much of it you will find in the pages of this graphic work. A compilation loaded with lights and shadows, myths and legends, ancestral references and historical identities. There is love and also many passages of war. But above all there is a purpose that you will discover through a path of the spirit, a pagan path, a magical path, a path of cultures, a path of action and a path of death.

Because this is a journey and a warrior path. An intimate and direct blasting—violent of course, since it is a first radical shock to your own sensitivity and subjectivity—of your reality. An inner revolution to start surfing the wave.

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