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Vestidos Sudadera

Vestidos Sudadera

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Ancestral Roots - Black Hoodie Dress

It resurfaces through the purifying fire of the bonfires, when listening to the voice that runs through the waters and the breath crossed by the wind, that ancestral breath that knocks on our door, when the deep roots of the germinated earth embrace us, among the wet grass and wound that cries, and that dwells among the forests, there our lair that shelters us, the sanctuary that protects us and its ritual song that shakes us ...

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UNS KELTEKIAO - Black Hoodie Dress

The image corresponds to a staff found in Numancia, a symbol of distinction, centrality and duality represented by a rider who, on the back of two horses with concentric circles (the sun in its nocturnal journey), carries severed heads.

Horses are very present in Iberia both in grazing and hunting for their strength and endurance, as in offerings to the god of war Cosus to take over their equine virtues or in sacrifices for warriors to take them on their travels. to the underworld.

In the Celtiberian world the initiation rite of cutting off the enemy's heads was practiced because they believed that it was where the soul resided, the vital essence of the person who survived when he died and transmitted his qualities to them, in addition to immortality.

As for the signs deciphered and translated to "UNS KELTEKIAO" they refer to an inscription that appeared on a ceramic vase from Liria, which they have interpreted as "Celtic Union".

Price €53.71

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