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Viking Anatomy - Black Hoodie


Not everyone who wanders is lost... It could symbolize a compass or the Vegvísir of the giants of the North, but the truth is that it is the adaptation of Da Vinci's Vitruvian man to bring us closer to the Viking anatomy. Clichés aside, were they muscular, tall, blond and blue-eyed, tattooed, with a beard and a big hair that you shit on? Well, yes, with nuances. As for the Scandinavian touch, it must be said that there was also ethnic diversity due to the migrations and abductions around Europe, their strength was that of the multi-faceted farmers who so soon fought, fished or farmed. They were fearful because of their height, the axes, the looting and those "little details" that we have been told about. It must be said that they were no more terrifying and violent than other people or civilizations of the time.


Organic cotton and recycled polyester Unisex hoodie with double lining and 2 prints, side pockets and matching drawstrings. Its fabric is respectful with the environment, extra soft, comfortable and warm, perfect for cold days.

It is not just another soulless and lifeless hoodie. We stand behind every product we make, this together with our dedication and passion  to every detail, Culters' hallmark. Exclusive graphic compositions with character, philosophy and style.

Data sheet

Eco Unisex double-print hoodie with a double-lined hood, side pockets and matching drawstrings.
85% organic ring spun cotton and 15% recycled polyester
The cotton that has been used is sustainably grown and ethically harvested. We use ecological inks that are not toxic, nor dangerous

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