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Lughnasadh, the spirit of wheat - Black T-Shirt

Night has fallen, the magic in the environment, the druids invoke the spirit of wheat to return to the fields, it is then that the great straw doll captures the spirit of abundance.

The great Celtic festival of the god Lugh begins, the time of the first harvests, between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, time to gather food for the harsh winter.

Golden field, solar energy, goddess of grain, thank you for the gifts of the earth, its wheat, its oats and its barley.

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Legio IX Hispana - Black T-Shirt

Once the Cantabrian wars were over, the conquest of the Empire in Iberia came to an end. Some 200 years of colonization and Romanization, a process of assimilation of the Roman way of life and its culture, in which the barbarian pre-Roman peoples fought and heroically resisted.

The adhesion and seduction of the barbarian peoples —Celtic Hispania— to Rome was a natural process. The society of leaderships - of merit, of lineage, of heroic ethics - of the Indo-European world - aristocratic, hierarchical and warrior -, that backbones the Iberian barbarians, find in Rome and its metaphysical ideal of Imperium - with the cult, oath and loyalty to the emperor, who along with heroes and kings are pontifex, bridges between heaven and earth — a continuation of his spiritual and warlike worldview, but on a much higher political scale.

Roman Hispania would comprise from the Roman landing in Ampurias between 218 BC. and the beginning of the V century with the Visigothic entry. It was fundamental for the Empire and the cradle of great rulers.

The Romans called the Iberian Peninsula Hispania. Etymologically there are many theories, from meaning it as the land of rabbits, or I-span-ya to the northern land (of Africa), where the Phoenicians lived. Or land where metals are forged, or even called Hispalis, a word of Iberian origin that would mean the western city. Although for the Greeks it would initially be the Ophioússa Peninsula, land of snakes.

Ispania the Romans listened to the Carthaginians and Iber what the Greeks heard. These finally named it Iberia. The Romans stayed with Hispania.

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Sol Invictus, the invincible Solar God - Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

February 27, 380, the emperor Theodosius abolished the religion and festival of the Sun Invictus by the famous edict of Thessalonica. Until then the Romans worshiped the Sun god during the Republic, and with greater prominence in the Imperial era, since the gradual entry of different religions of salvation of monotheistic tendency, such as Christianity and Mithrism, was giving greater weight to the power of the star king, the one who conquered the darkness ...

Emperor Aurelian made it official on December 25 as the day of the birth of the Undefeated Sun (the main divinity of the Roman pantheon at that time) back in the year 274 and later Juliano the Apostate would declare Helios (Greek equivalent) as the only divinity, and would try to prevent the spread of growing Christianity.

Finally, during a long process of syncretism, both the Festival of the Birth of the Invincible Sun "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" held after the Winter Solstice, when daylight increased, as well as many other acts and celebrations were gradually reconverted. Paganism would come to an end, a new stage would begin with a victorious sun reborn in the arms of a Galilean.

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The Bow and the Feather. Interior El Combate - Black T-shirt

In the Bhagavad Gita —the epic and wisdom text of the Hindu tradition— through the Dialogue between Prince Arjuna and his charioteer Krishna —conceived before starting the fratricidal war between the Pvas and the Kauravas in the battle of Kurukshetra—, we are They offer keys to inner combat, to overcome suffering, death, the meaning of life, the correct action, the nature of the Divine… it gives us a way and a method for liberation. From the knowledge and mental discernment to identify our true identity with the being, with the transcendent self and not with the impermanent, to the fulfillment of duty through disinterested action until sacrifice in the fire of God. Our being, our thoughts and our actions actively surrendered to the absolute and supreme so that the Ego is dominated and unconditioned.

“Cut the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Watch your discipline. Get up "

"Free yourself from the anxiety of the things of this world, do not let yourself be governed by the illusions of this perishable world"

"The mind is a faithful friend of man, only when it has been conquered by the spirit"

"No one who does a good job will ever have a bad ending, not here or in the world to come."

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runa-1.jpg Sustainability: Made of 100% ring spun good quality soft cotton. Sustainably grown and ethically harvested. 

runa-2.jpg Durability: The fabric is soft and resistant, it doesn't fade shrink as long as the washing instructions are heeded.

runa-3.jpg Eco Friendly: The coloring materials are ecological, certified and safe. They are not a risk to human health.

runa-4.jpg Creativity: The designs are unique. Made by hand by recognized illustrators and digitized with the best techniques to achieve a high quality finish.

csr Genuine Responsibility: Caring for people, Conserving the environment and Creating stronger communities.

csr Transversality: Knowledge, respect and Integration of all the World Ancestral Cultures.


Get up with the sun, with the beats of nature; open your heart and soul to the Great spirit; feed on the ancestral wisdom, take care of your mother, your land and enjoy the trip but do not leave traces...

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